Our Process

Prudent - /ˈpro͞odnt/ :

Acting with care and thought for the future.

We firmly believe managing another’s assets is a privilege that we must earn each day. Our team is committed to earning your trust in each decision we make. Making decisions for the future requires great planning today and everyone at Thornhill Capital Management is consistently maintaining and upgrading our education to make the right decisions for your family or business.

Present - /ˈprez(ə)nt/ :

Now existing or in progress.

Communication is one of, if not the, most important aspect of any relationship. At Thornhill you can rely on us to be where our feet are. When we’re meeting with you in person, on the phone, via Zoom or however else is necessary we’ll be present with all of our attention. Expect us to be prompt and prepared with our planning and investing throughout our relationship.

Disciplined - /ˈdisəˌplind/ :

Showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.

Whether markets are melting down or ripping to the upside we exist to allow cooler heads to prevail. Our disciplined philosophy of remaining focused on long term goals protect our clients from rash decisions in emotional moments. We act as a sounding board and reflect back to your original goals, whether it be retirement, paying for a child’s education or leaving a legacy for generations to come. Discipline is truly the bridge between goals and accomplishments.